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Just a few examples of the most popular sorts of misting systems are:

  1.  Outside areas of cafes & restaurants etc over the tables to cool the atmosphere for the customers.
  2.  Outside in large public areas where people walk or shop such as parks, play areas or shopping streets.
  3.  In central market areas for shoppers – both large open markets and closed ones.
  4.  Supermarkets where misting is set up over the fresh fruit and vegetables and also over meats and fish to keep them all fresh and attractive and also to avoid weight loss and shrinkage.
  5.  In factories and warehouses with large working or storage areas where people need to control temperatures better.
  6.  In Abattoirs where our systems keeps the temperature controlled and also keeps the smell down, while keeping the meats moist, so reducing weight loss and shrinkage of meat.
  7.  In Recycling plants where the mist keeps the temperature controlled and also keeps the smell down, but also keeps the dust level controlled.
  8.  In farms to keep the animals cooler and keep them from becoming distressed by the heat.
  9.  In Stables of horses, camels, etc. to keep the animals from becoming too hot and distressed.
  10.  Growing areas, such as Greenhouses to control the temperature and humidity in the growing areas.
  11.  Over Solar panels in areas with large solar panel areas to keep the glass cooler on hot days where very high temperatures can decrease the life of the solar panels and where high temperatures can reduces efficiency of solar panels by 8% to 10% at around 40 degrees Celsius and up to 20% on very hot days.
  12.  Heavy industrial plants such as Power Stations, Cement and Brick industries to keep dust levels down and temperatures controlled in the open….. Road and Tunnel construction, Quarries and Mining and Landfill sites, etc….

All our pumps and equipment used are European to CE standard, mainly from Italy and Germany where we source high quality equipment to build our systems.

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Below are just a few of the ways our Commercial & Industrial solutions are used to control and deliver whatever environment is required.

Choose from any combination of Cooling Temperature Control – Humidity Control – Dust Suppression – Smell & Odour Suppression, whether for people, animals or products, helping deliver fresher and more comfortable produce and happier, more comfortable customers, staff, animals and all sorts of produce.



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